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About us

Shenzhen Youngtopic was founded in 2017 and is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. And we have been in the eyewear field for more than 10 years, We have previously focused on domestic trade in China. With years of development, the subsidiary company "Youngtopic" opened a door all over the world in 2017.


With global warming, the living environment of human beings is getting more and more severe. Based on that “Youngtopic” wants to dedicate his power so we launched a new project with Sustainable wooden and bamboo sunglasses, which is why you can see the reason for this site.

With the development and progress of technology, our production line can achieve 95% production automation which means each pair of wooden sunglasses will come out as almost 100% the same which can reduce the defective rate.

Our longstanding reputation in this market makes our company’s customers can trust us to process their purchase orders effectively making the purchasing process more efficient.

Let‘s grwon your business 10X        


1. OEM Available                                
2. Quality Control: Each Pair Of Sunglasses is Fully 100% Inspection Before Shipping
3. Models in stock, fast shipment
4. Test your logo before you make an order
5. Take product photos for you
6. Fast Shipping: Ship by air freight (DHL&FedEx)
7. Instant Response: All Message Will Reply Within 8-10 Hours.


Australia Certificate
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